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Great Life Lamb Dog Food-includes-FREE GROUND SHIPPING
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Are you unknowingly feeding your animals a food that will harm their health? What an alarming thought but in fact, you may be unintentionally depriving your pet of a life-sustaining diet by your selection of a dog or cat food. Holistic veterinarian, Dr. Jane Bicks, asserts that the maximum life span of dogs is estimated to be between 25 to 30 years, yet the average dog usually lives no longer than 13 to 14 years with giant breeds having even shorter life spans. Dr. Bicks believes that this difference is caused mostly from substandard nourishment.

Don’t let the advertising hype fool you—the variety of colors in a pet food or the cute little shapes, have nothing to do with nutrition and do not attract your pet to its food bowl. Those colors from food dyes and cutely shaped kibbles are appealing to your eye. Many of these commercial pet foods lack nutrient density, and to make them palatable, the manufacturer adds large amounts of sodium, by-products, chemical preservatives, artificial colors, and other harmful ingredients.

All of the ingredients listed on commercial pet food packages are added prior to processing. After processing, the food loses up to 100% of certain vitamins, 60% of amino acids, all probiotics, enzymes and fatty acids.

Dietary protein contains ten essential amino acids that dogs cannot make on their own; studies show that dogs can tell when their food lacks a single amino acid and will avoid such a meal which is why by-product digests are sprayed onto the food.

In some dog food brands, the carbohydrate ratio are too high which eventually leads to obesity, an increasingly serious problem for dogs and cats. In fact, obesity is one of the greatest health concerns facing our dogs, and cancer is the number one killer of pets.

Today, many pets suffer from diseases that are nutrient deficiencies. Perhaps your pet is unable to metabolize and/or absorb nutrients from foods that nature never intended for our omnivorous companions. Many pet foods are manufactured using ingredients that contain residues of herbicides and pesticides. Some of these chemicals can cause nutrient deficiencies by interfering with absorption and use of nutrients. For example, did you know that commonly used herbicides prevent re-uptake of iodine which is a mineral necessary for normal thyroid functions? The result can be constant skin and coat problems, immune system deficits, and other diseases related to poor nutrition.

Many veterinarians admit that 80% of our pets suffer from the same degenerative conditions as their owners due to the lack of raw foods and enzymes. Older pets need easily assimilated high quality protein in the right combination of essential amino acids to enhance the digestibility of the protein. All pets need essential fatty acids which may be added to pet foods but are destroyed during processing; by the time that kibble fills the pet’s bowl, it lacks many important nutrients and most omega 6 and omega 3 EFA’s.

We know environmental toxins and pollutants are every day hazards that we all must face. Nutrients can help keep us healthy by aiding with detoxification, cell and tissue repair, organ support; and antioxidants provide us with the ability to withstand environmental toxins and heal our bodies. Your pets need nutrient dense foods of the highest quality to offer the same protections. At Great Life Performance Pet Products we are aware of your pets needs and able to provide the very best. Our philosophy is to manufacture pet products that provide exceptional nutrition in a delicious package. We are committed to the good health of all pets. In test after test Great Life Pet Performance Products are rated as superior and effective, offering the highest levels of active ingredients.

Perhaps you’re fascinated by the new surge in popularity of the BARF diet (Bones & Raw Foods) but are reluctant to try raw feeding because you’ve been told bones are dangerous or raw food is contaminated. With Great Life Premium Dog Food and Great Life Premium Cat Foods, you can begin to feed a raw diet—straight out of the bag! It’s also very convenient for raw food advocates who travel with their pets.

You’ll find Great Life Premium Dog Food and Great Life Premium Cat Food is uniquely formulated to bring you the raw foods your pet crave. We have taken raw foods and attached it to a wholistic kibble. You can trust that what is listed on the package is actually contained in the food!

Active Enzymes to promote digestion, and help the body repair itself at a cellular level. Living enzymes aid against disease and protect the pancreas from overwork. Active Amino Acids play central roles both as building blocks of proteins and as intermediates in metabolism to build cells in the body, including red and white blood cells. Dogs and cats can produce some of the amino acids they need but others must be obtained from food. Physical endurance, liver detoxification, maintenance of blood sugar levels, metabolism of fat, and protection from arthritis, anemia, enzyme disorders and proper neural functions are all dependent on amino acids. Active Pre and Probiotics are important in the balance of intestinal bacteria and provide essential components for bowel health, hormonal balance, digestion, nutrient absorption and overall good health. Some vitamins are manufactured in the intestines therefore, having a healthy, balanced intestinal environment is vital in the body’s fight against cancer, allergies and multiple health disorders. Active Omega Oils in the correct ratio of omega 3 and 6 provide the beneficial essential fatty acids to keep skin healthy, support the immune system, maintain cardiovascular health, detoxify the kidneys and liver, and provide the anti-inflammatory properties needed for healthy joints.Active Coral Calcium + 74 Trace Minerals- provides the type of calcium easily absorbed into the bloodstream, along with trace minerals that may be lacking in all other foods.Active Full Spectrum of Vitamins and Chelated Minerals are essential to the body for regulation of water balance, to maintain the proper acid-alkaline balance, hormone production and reproductive processes, and the growth of proper bone structure. Vitamins and minerals help each other with absorption and assimilation, of nutrients, build neurotransmitters in the brain, and maintain the heart and all body organs. Active Proteins are the building blocks for growth and overall health. Protein is needed to maintain life.

Great Life Premium Dog Food and Great Life Premium Cat Foods contain the highest quality ingredients. We use USDA human grade quality meat, fresh vegetables, and easily digestible fruits. Our meats do not contain rendered meats, hormones, pesticides or antibiotics. Great Life Premium Pet Foods are the ultimate nutrition for your dog and cat—easy to digest, nutritious offering maximum absorption. No wheat--no soy--no corn and no GMO ingredients. Meets all AAFCO nutritional requirements for all life stages.

No Refrigeration Required!!

Lamb: Raw Food: Freeze dried lamb meat, freeze dried lamb liver, bok choy, inulin, green tripe, mixed baby sprouts, full spectrum chelated minerals, coral calcium + 74 trace minerals, vitamins, active probiotics enclosed in salmon oil.

Wholistic Kibble Lamb meat, whole barley, brown rice, oatmeal, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherals), kelp, flaxseed, egg, sweet potatoes, cranberries, blueberries, sun cured alfalfa meal, peas, parsley, garlic, artichoke, fennel, rosemary.

Analysis: KCal/cup 448 Protein (min) 24% Fat (min) 14% Fiber(max) 4% Moisture (max) 10% Raw Food : Moisture <3%

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