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NaturalPet RX Hoxsey Cancer Formula 100 Capsules Discounts Apply !
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NaturalPet RX Hoxsey Cancer Formula 100 Capsules
NaturalPet Rx Hoxsey Cancer Formula

Harry Hoxsey’s cancer formula, developed in the 1920’s and still controversial, contained many of the same ingredients as a formula produced by Parke Davies and Co., their “Trifolium Compound”. Another famous formula sharing some of the same herbs is a formula developed by Rene Caisse. Her last name spelled backwords, “essiac”, is the name given to her herbal formula and is also a most popular alternative treatment for cancer. These formulas, using similar herbs, share a rich history in the treatment of cancer. According to renowned botanist and herbal researcher, James Duke, Ph.D., this formula has some impressive chemical compounds of considerable interest to the National Cancer Institute. In his article, "Herbal Shotgun Shell", HerbalGram (1988), he wrote, “Eight of the herbs in the internal tonic showed antitumour activity in controlled laboratory tests. Five showed antioxidant properties as protectants against cancer. All showed antimicrobial properties with activity against viral or bacterial infections.” This is especially important these days, as infectious agents are being linked to cancers (Hepatitis B & C is now linked to liver cancer, see Paul Ewalds’ book, Plague Times.) Tests also showed antimutagenic properties, (protectng us from cellular mutations), cytotoxic properties, (kills cancer cells) and antibacterial, antiviral properties. The Hoxsey formula endures probably due to these actions and is an ideal application to try to shift an animal’s constitutional tendency away from supporting the growth of these wayward cancer cells, whilst increasing and building the immune response, and stimulating the release of accumulated toxins. Steven Marsden, D.V.M. has justly brought this formula back into focus with his recent paper “Naturopathic Treatment of Canine Osteosarcoma’’ presented at the A.H.V.M.A. Conference in 2000. Ingredients Oregon grape root, burdock root, red clover flowers, alfalfa leaf, prickly ash bark, stillingia root, cascara sagrada bark, poke root, licorice root. Antecedent Harry Hoxsey’s classic formula. 100 Capsules
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