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Promega Hearts- Natures Power food for Pets Discounts Apply !
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Promega Hearts- Natures Power food for Pets
PROMEGA HEARTS, made from hemp seeds, is a high energy, high protein, high fiber pet food.

Unlike many manufactured pet foods, PROMEGA HEARTS, does not attract pets with sugar, molasses or other unhealthy sweeteners. PROMEGA HEARTS, is 1/3 protein, 1/3 essential fats and 1/3 nutrient-rich fiber, unlike pet foods made with inexpensive meats and grains, PROMEGA HEARTS, contain only minimal percentages of undesirable carbohydrates and saturated fats.

Hemp is a better source of all required proteins than milk, meat or eggs. Hemp is a complete protein source - more balanced & digestible than soy. Hemp Oil is unique with over 90% unsaturated, omega, essential fats. Contains all the essential or omega fats required for cellular health. Contains several times more omega 3 essential fat than any fish. Hemp seeds are rich with vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Contains minimal carbohydrates: Much preferable to grain-based feeds.

Restores tissue elasticity, improves circulation and reduces inflammation. Because PROMEGA HEARTS have a superior balance of "required" nutrients--especially protein--PROMEGA HEARTS are very satisfying allowing you to replace larger amounts of inferior grain-based carbohydrate foods with smaller amounts of PROMEGA HEARTS.

Older animals with diabetes,arthritis, heart disease and many disorders of the digestive system usually respond well to diets containing significant amounts of PROMEGA HEARTS and have a significant increase in energy with less aches and pains. As well, pets using PROMEGA HEARTS always enjoy superior hair and skin with greatly decreased shedding.
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